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The HDC-HS60 is a high-definition camcorder from Panasonic set for a release sometime in 2010.

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zoom range is fair, can catch the action across a gym

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low light isn't too bad, gets a fair amount of detail

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image stabilization works pretty well, good for handheld recording

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turns on and is ready to go right away

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easy to pick up and start using, controls are simple

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small and light, easy to carry around

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video is sharp and has enough detail to look great on an HDTV

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The HDC-HS60 is a high-definition camcorder from Panasonic set for a release sometime in 2010. The camcorder intends to combine a compact, highly portable design and a user-friendly LCD touchscreen interface to cater to both new and experienced camcorder operators. Additionally, the camcorder aims to be usable in portrait, landscape, indoor, and outdoor groups shots with a 35.7mm wide-angle lens and a 25X optical zoom, further enhanced to 35X with Intelligent Zoom technology that corrects image quality as the video is zoomed. Up to six faces can be registered with the camcorder and, from then on, recognized during video capture with Intelligent Auto technology that automatically focuses video capture sessions on registered faces. For storing captured video the HDC-HS60 utilizes a combination of SD and SDXC memory in conjunction with 8GB of built-in memory.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • battery life: TBA
  • Eco Mode; turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Wind Noise Canceller; reduces wind noise
  • 25X zoom; 35X with Intelligent Zoom
  • Intelligent Auto registers and recognizes faces
  • compact, user-friendly design
  • LCD Touchscreen interface
  • High Definition video capture
  • 35.7mm wide-angle lens
  • on-board 8GB memory
  • compatible with SD and SDXC memory cards
  • warranty: TBA
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