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The Panasonic HDC-HS60 is a high-definition camcorder set for a 2010 release.

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120GB provides more than enough storage for most casual shooting applications - has the ability to store 15+ hours of full-quality HD video content

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OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) technology works very well - provides clear, blur-free support amongst still and moving content capture alike

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Bult-in flash/video light components provide an important boost in contrast for low-light/dimly-lit environments - excellent for indoor and night-time applications

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Powerful zoom capabilities are a major selling point - unit outperforms many similar HD camcorders that are limited to 10 or 15x zooming

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Touchscreen display performs surprisingly well - component is highly responsive and significantly increases the menu navigation experience

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Excellent overall performance at the price point - provides reliable HD video capture in a highly-durable housing, superior to competitors from Sony and JVC

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Battery life is fairly disappointing - provides just over 60 minutes at best, with considerably less time available if flash components are enabled

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Native ".mod" recording format is unconventional and may be unsupported by leading playback/editing software - may severely limit post-production options

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The Panasonic HDC-HS60 is a high-definition camcorder set for a 2010 release. The camcorder aims to cater to both high-end users and users new to high-definition video capture. An Intelligent Zoom feature extends the camcorder's 25X optical zoom by an additional 10X, to a total of 35X, by correcting image degradation as the zoom is extended to full. The camcorder also takes advantage of an Intelligent Auto feature that can be set to recognize up to six faces and automatically focus and track those faces during video recording. A sleek, compact design coupled with an intuitive touchscreen interface on the camcorder's LCD screen intend to make the system as user friendly as possible to those not familiar with camcorder operation. For storing videos, the Panasonic HDC-HS60 utilizes a combination of SD memory cards and an integrated 120GB hard drive.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • battery life: TBA
  • Eco Mode; turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Wind Noise Canceller; reduces wind noise
  • 25X zoom; 35X with Intelligent Zoom
  • Intelligent Auto registers and recognizes faces
  • compact, user-friendly design
  • LCD Touchscreen interface
  • High Definition video capture
  • on-board 120GB hard drive
  • compatible with SD and SDXC memory cards
  • warranty: TBA
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