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The DMP-BDT100 is a high-definition Blu-ray 3D disc player from Panasonic.

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user interface is easy to work with, seems very simple

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general setup is just plug-and-play, not much else to it

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firmware updates automatically and easily once connected to a network

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picture output is sharp and clear

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discs load very quickly, not much waiting at all

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provides clean, distortion-free audio output

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can't hear any of the internal mechanisms working during playback

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stays cool even after hours of use

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Netflix streaming quality is poor compared to streaming on other devices

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The DMP-BDT100 is a high-definition Blu-ray 3D disc player from Panasonic that offers a step-down from the company's DMP-BDT350 and DMP-BDT300 models. Set to release in mid-August, the BDT100 is intended to compete with other Blu-ray 3D players from companies like Sony and Samsung. Featuring a smaller, more eco-friendly design than its larger counterparts, this model is compatible with Panasonic's Viera Cast multimedia content technology that allows users to stream high-definition internet content directly to the device. Services offered include Youtube video playback, Picasa online photo album browsing, Netflix movie and TV show rental, Amazon Video On Demand, Pandora radio compatibility and Skype video-calling. The device also utilizes wireless LAN technology, and will be the first Panasonic Blu-ray 3D player to feature a single HDMI-port design. 

  • Small/compact design
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Full HD 3D
  • LSI Uniphier processing chip
  • Viera Cast streaming content technology
  • Wireless LAN
  • Single HDMI port
  • SD card reader
  • USB slot
  • Reduced boot-up time
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