The TY-EW3D10U are a pair of 3D glasses manufactured by Panasonic.

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The TY-EW3D10U are a pair of 3D glasses manufactured by Panasonic. They are designed to enable 3D viewing in products such as 3D televisions. They feature 3D Active Shutter technology, an adjustable, durable frame, and a 75 hour battery life. When compared to a competing product, the ViewSonic PGD-150, the TY-EW3D10U shows some disadvantages, in that it lacks a water and dust proof design. However, it has some advantages as well, such as a longer battery life.

The TY-EW3D10U's 3D Active Shutter technology uses highly precise control to close the shutters in both eyes, right at the moment the image shifts towards the opposite eye. This creates the 3D effect, and also helps eliminate unwanted afterimages. The adjustable frame allows the glasses to fit many sizes, including children and adults. They are durable enough to withstand repeated opening and closing. The 75 hour battery life allows a user to use the glasses for long peroids of time. They have an auto-shutdown feature in case the user forgets to turn them off. 

  • 3D Active Shutter technology
  • Eliminates afterimage
  • Adjustable frame
  • Able to withstand repeated opening/closing
  • 75 hour battery life
  • Auto shutdown
  • Designed for use together with ordinary glasses
  • 10' 5" viewing range
  • Lens case included
  • For use with Panasonic 3D HD televisions
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