Keep Your Kids From Viewing Inappropriate Content

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Keep Your Kids From Viewing Inappropriate Content
With the help of V-Chip technology, parents can use television ratings codes to black programs that they feel are inappropriate for their children to view. The V-chip can be turned on and off through the on-screen menu using a four-digit, user-programmed code. Once you choose an appropriate ratings level, the V-chip reads the ratings code transmitted with each program and automatically denies access to any programming that exceeds your rating.
Select the Image Settings That Are Best For Each Input
Different sources can sometimes look different depending on broadcast quality and the connection used. The video picture memory feature lets you select from three different default picture settingsĀ—Standard, Cinema, or VividĀ—and save the best setting for each input individually.
Control Many Different Components With One Remote
Fumbling through a pile of remotes in the dark is a pain. Clean up the mess and take control of your system with the included universal remote control, which can command many different brands and types of components after some simple programming. It even lights up so you can see the buttons in the dark.
Hook Up a Lot of Components
DVD players, VCRs, game systems, cable and satellite boxes...there are a lot of video sources these days. With plenty of video inputs, including S-video, composite video, and component video, this TV can handle a variety of different sources.
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