The VIERA X14 Series is part of Panasonic's entry-level line of plasma HDTVs.

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The VIERA X14 Series is part of Panasonic's entry-level line of plasma HDTVs, and is one of the only Series that offers a 720p native resolution. The X14s are really just a stripped down version of the X1 line with a worse contrast ratio and some extra features such as the Game Mode and Image Viewer removed. Fundamental specs such as the NeoPDP panel with 600Hz sub-drive and the 900 lines of motion resolution remain the same.

  • 720p native resolution
  • Panel specs
    • 15,000:1 static contrast ratio
    • 900 lines of motion resolution
    • 600Hz sub drive
  • VIERA Link
  • Inputs
    • 3xHDMI
    • Component
    • VGA
X1 and X14 Series Features

NeoPDP - this is Panasonic's marketing name for their new plasma technology introduced in 2009. Specifically, Panasonic claims that they focused on improving black levels, contrast ratio, and motion resolution.

Black levels are notoriously important to videophiles and are something that plasmas do better with compared to LCDs. With the NeoPDP tech, Panasonic is looking to take Pioneer's claim of blackest black. Alongside the darker blacks is the higher contrast ratio with the native contrast ratio of 40,000:1 being one of the best that Panasonic has claimed. This line however has a specified native contrast ratio of 30,000:1.

The "over 900 lines of motion resolution" means that when there is action going on in the video, the TV is able to display most of the content accurately. This is a subtle point, because most people think 1080p means 1080 lines of resolution; however, most TVs released before 2009 while claiming 1080p resolution didn't actually display all 1080 lines of resolution when there was activity on the screen.  The higher end Panasonic plasmas display all 1080 lines of motion resolution, while this series and the lower end models display "over 900 lines".

Features found on all 2009 Panasonic VIERAs

VIERA Link - this is the marketing name given to Panasonic's implementation of the HDMI-CEC standard, which lets you control your other compatible home theater equipment directly from your TV. Each manufacturer has their own branded name for this technology since only home theater devices from the same manufacturers are compatible with one another for direct control.


The naming convention for this line is: Panasonic VIERA TC-PxxG10 where xx is replaced by the TV size.

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