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The X1 LCD Series is Panasonic's entry level line of LCD TVs introduced in 2009.

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The X1 LCD Series is Panasonic's entry level line of LCD TVs introduced in 2009, offering a 720p native resolution and a similar IPS panel that's used in the flagship G1 Series. While sacrificing image quality in the move to a lower resolution and contrast ratio, Panasonic attempts to increase the value of the X1 line with the optional iPod Entertainment Kit. The kit allows you to connect an iPod to the TV and control and play the media stored within, including videos. The step-up S1 LCD Series sees an upgrade to a full HD 1080p native resolution, and a slightly higher contrast ratio. Other aspects such as the Game Mode picture setting, and integrated image viewer remain shared.

  • 720p native resolution
  • 12,000:1 native contrast ratio
  • IPS-Alpha panel
  • VIERA Image viewer (through the SD card slot)
  • Game mode
  • Inputs
    • 3xHDMI
    • 1xVGA
    • Component
  • Release date: March, 2009
G1, S1, X1 LCD Series Features

VIERA Image Viewer - using the TV's built-in SD card slot you can view stored JPEG pictures directly on the TV without any intermediary devices or hardware.

Game Mode - this display setting turns off all of the TVs image processing functions to reduce any lag between controller input and the game's display.

Features found on all 2009 Panasonic VIERAs

VIERA Link - this is the marketing name given to Panasonic's implementation of the HDMI-CEC standard, which lets you control your other compatible home theater equipment directly from your TV. Each manufacturer has their own branded name for this technology since only home theater devices from the same manufacturers are compatible with one another for direct control.


The naming convention for this line is: Panasonic VIERA TC-LxxX1 where xx is replaced by the TV size.

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