The Panasonic VIERA TC-P55VT30 is a mid-cost 3D TV.

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The Panasonic VIERA TC-P55VT30 is a mid-cost 3D TV. Panasonic's VT30 models are distinguished by a one sheet glass design. This TV is equipped with Panasonic’s expanded IPTV functionality (VIERA Connect), which gives you access to content sites like Netflix, Amazon VOD, YouTube, Pandora and Twitter, as well as sports sites like NBA Game Time and MLB.TV. This TV's USB connectivity (three USB ports) allows for the addition of a wireless LAN adapter, keyboard and USB memory. The display of the VIERA TC-P55VT30 is fifty-five inches of full HD (1080p). This plasma display is capable of 3D viewing, and one pair of full HD 3D eyewear is included. This TV also features 3D VIERA Image Viewer. This feature allows you to view JPEG 2D digital still images, 3D digital still images and both 2D & 3D HD video. The VIERA TC-P55VT30 is equipped with VIERA Link, a technology that utilizes HDMI-CEC to operate all VIERA Link compatible A/V components from a single remote. With four HDMI connections, you can watch content from other devices on the big screen. This model differs from the higher cost VIERA TC-P65VT30 in that the VIERA TC-P65VT30 has a sixty-five inch display. The VIERA TC-P55VT30 3D plasma TV features the upgraded Infinite Black Pro 2 Panel, which raises the luminous efficiency while minimizing pre-discharge, resulting in more subtle blacks.

  • 55" 1080p 3D-ready plasma display
  • 1 pair HD 3D eyewear
  • Fast switching phosphors
  • VIERA Connect
  • WiFi ready
  • RS232C/ISF connection
  • Infinite Black Pro 2 panel
  • One-sheet glass design
  • THX certification
  • 600Hz subfield
  • Four HDMI connections
  • DLNA
  • 24p playback
  • Skype video/voice calling
  • 3 USB ports
  • PC input
  • 3D VIERA Image Viewer
  • VIERA Link
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