The VIERA TC-65PST34 is a high-definition television from the Panasonic company.

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The VIERA TC-65PST34 is a high-definition television from the Panasonic company. Featuring a 65-inch plasma screen display capable of playing back full 1080p HD content, this model supports 3D content playback for a state-of-the-art viewing experience. Connecting to the user's home internet network via Wi-Fi, the TV provides access to a wide variety of online applications spanning sports, games, streaming video and social networking. Dedicated services for MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Picasa and more are available. For high-quality movie playback, a 24p "Cinema Smoother" mode is offered that promotes smooth, precise movement that is free of blurring and jerkiness. A 600Hz Sub-field Drive mode is also available for live sports and action movie content, helping to further maximize crisp, responsive imagery. Using a pair of compatible 3D glasses (not included), users can view three-dimensional images and video with automatic 2D-to-3D up-conversion offered for getting the most out of standard definition content. A dedicated gaming mode is also available that aims to provide enhanced visibility in dark environments and latency-free playback, with the VIERA Link function enabling users to control all external devices (consoles, disc players, etc.) with a single remote control. 

  • Gloss black aesthetic
  • 65-inch plasma screen display 
  • 3D viewing capabilities
  • Full 1080p HD resolution 
  • 24p Cinema Smoother mode 
  • 2D-3D up-conversion 
  • Integrated full-range stereo speakers 
  • Low power consumption 
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