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The VIERA G10 Series is part of Panasonic's line of high-end plasmas.

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improved blacks and contrast over previous generations

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Very good shadow detail

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Fantastic color reproduction when calibrated properly

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THX certified

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good variety of sizes

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DVI Input

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Relatively high-end, but still good value for the money

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1080p, 600Hz

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SD processing capabilities (upscaling, deinterlacing) is lacking

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Requires going into the service menu to achieve best picture possible

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Can only play AVCHD movies from SD card

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Basic menu adjustments are lacking compared to competing brands

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Does not feature "one sheet of glass" design of the V10 series.

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24p mode only supports a 48Hz refresh rate (causes flicker)

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The VIERA G10 Series is part of Panasonic's line of high-end plasmas that contain all the high-end technologies introduced in 2009. This line is one step below the V10 Series and offers all the same features as the more expensive model, with the only difference coming in the thicker cabinet design. In fact, the G10, V10 and Z1 Series all contain the same basic features with the major difference coming in design thickness. These sets use Panasonic's NeoPDP technology which Panasonic claims offers substantially improved picture improvements from the 2008 models through a much higher static contrast ratio, and faster response rate for 1080 lines of motion resolution. Furthermore, Panasonic has expanded the VIERACast Internet connectivity to partner with Amazon's Video OnDemand feature. 

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 2" thick
  • NeoPDP technology
    • 40,000:1 static contrast ratio
    • 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
    • 1080 lines of motion resolution
    • 600Hz sub drive
  • THX Certification, and video mode
  • Game Mode
  • VIERA Image Viewer with AVCHD support
  • VIERACast
  • VIERA Link
  • Inputs
    • 4xHDMI
    • Component
    • VGA
Z1, V10 and G10 Series Features

THX Certification - first introduced with the 2008 PZ800 line of HDTVs, Panasonic partners up with THX in 2009 to certify these television series, and add their specially calibrated picture mode for more accurate film settings.

VIERA Image Viewer - using the TV's built-in SD card slot you can view stored JPEG pictures directly on the TV without any intermediary devices or hardware. For 2009 Panasonic introduces AVCHD video support for displaying any movies found on the SD Card.

NeoPDP - this is Panasonic's marketing name for their new plasma technology introduced in 2009. Specifically, Panasonic claims that they focused on improving black levels, contrast ratio, and motion resolution.

Black levels are notoriously important to videophiles and are something that plasmas do better with compared to LCDs. With the NeoPDP tech, Panasonic is looking to take Pioneer's claim of blackest black. Alongside the darker blacks is the higher contrast ratio with the native contrast ratio of 40,000:1 being one of the best that Panasonic has claimed.

The "full 1080 lines of motion resolution" means that when there is action going on in the video, the TV is able to display all the content accurately. This is a subtle point, because most people think 1080p means 1080 lines of resolution; however, most TVs released before 2009 while claiming 1080p resolution didn't actually display all 1080 lines of resolution when there was activity on the screen. This full motion resolution should result in a crisper picture than found on previous Panasonic displays.

VIERA Cast - using the television's built-in ethernet port you can connect the TV to the Internet and access Panasonic's proprietary content service. Introduced in 2008 VIERA Cast offered news, weather, and stocks. In 2009 Panasonic has expanded the service to include digital media streaming from sites such as YouTube and Picasa, alongside access to Amazon's Video On Demand service.

G10, S1 and X1 Series Features

Game Mode - this display setting turns off all of the TVs image processing functions to reduce any lag between controller input and the game's display.

Features found on all 2009 Panasonic VIERAs

VIERA Link - this is the marketing name given to Panasonic's implementation of the HDMI-CEC standard, which lets you control your other compatible home theater equipment directly from your TV. Each manufacturer has their own branded name for this technology since only home theater devices from the same manufacturers are compatible with one another for direct control.


The naming convention for this line is: Panasonic VIERA TC-PxxG10 where xx is replaced by the TV size.

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