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The 80U series of sets are the entry-level 1080p offerings in Panasonic's 2008 lineup of plasmas.

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Improved form factor, much thinner than 2007 models

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Very long panel life

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Fantastic image quality without the premium pricing

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No native 24p mode

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Suffers from same issues as other plasmas

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The 80U series of sets are the entry-level 1080p offerings in Panasonic's 2008 lineup of plasmas, which is their 11th generation of plasma TVs. The 80Us sits above the PX80Us with a better panel that is a native 1080p, and higher contrast ratio, and comes below the PZ85Us that have a higher contrast ratio and more features. Unlike the higher-end offerings the PZ80Us don't have the one-sheet glass design or the 48Hz mode.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 20,000:1 static contrast ratio, 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • Game mode
  • VIERA link
  • Inputs: 3xHDMI 1.3, Component, Composite, S-Video

Clarification on 24p handling - Unlike the higher end PZ800U and PZ850U series, both the PZ80U and PZ85U series perform a 3:2 pulldown on 24p content. What this means is that the 24 frames per second signal is converted into a 60Hz display, with one frame showing for 3 refreshes, and the next frame showing for 2 refreshes. The higher end models display each from for 2 refreshes which makes for smoother motion especially during pans and zooms.

Common to all 2008 Panasonic Plasmas

Anti-reflective screen - created by Fujitsu these screens reduce the amount of ambient reflection that can appear in a brightly lit room.

100,000 hour half life - Panasonic rates the panel to last 100,000 hours, which is about 30 years of regular usage, or 11 years of non-stop, before the brightness of the display is halved.

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