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The Panasonic U1 Series of Plasma HDTVs is a part of Panasonics 2009 VIERA line of sets.

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1080p, 600Hz

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provides a great picture next to similarly priced LCDs

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affordable prices

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available in 3 distinct sizes (42", 46", 50")

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VIERA link allows for streamlined use with other Panasonic devices

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does not include an energy efficiency NEO PDP panel - previous generation plasmas use considerably more electricity than LCD screens

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only 900 lines of motion resolution

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only in sizes up to 50"

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No Game mode

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No Anti-Reflective screen?

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ugly aesthetics

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Very Poor Audio

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The Panasonic U1 Series of Plasma HDTVs is a part of Panasonics 2009 VIERA line of sets. This series is ideal for sport or movies with the ability to provide crisp images during fast-moving scenes thanks to their 600Hz sub-field drive. These sets are have full-HD 1080p resolution with a 30,000:1 native contrast ratio. The VIERA link allows them to be connected to a compatible Panasonic DVD or blue-ray player, home theater sound system or HD camcorder allowing them to be controlled with one remote.  The VIERA image viewer provides a convenient way to share photos from an SD card reader built into the set. There are several connectivity options on these TV's including HDMI, composite, s-video and component inputs. There are 2 built in 20W speakers, an integrated ATSC tuner and included remote control. The Panasonic U1 Series is available in 3 sizes; 42", 46" and 50".

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast ratio (native) 30,000:1
  • Contrast ratio (dynamic: infinite black/over): 2,000,000:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Integrated ATSC Tuner 
  • SD Memory Card Slot (SDHC Compatible, JPEG playback) 
  • HDMI Input:  3 (1 side) 
  • Analog Audio Input (for HDMI)
  • Composite Video Input:  2 (1 side) 
  • S-Video Input : 1 
  • Audio Input (for Video:)  2 (1 side) 
  • Component Video Inputs (Y, PB, PR):  2 
  • Audio Input (for Component Video):  2 
  • Digital Audio Output:  1 
  • VIERA Link
  • VIERA Image Viewer
  • Speakers: 2 x 20W
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