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The TC-32LX700 is a 720p LCD television from Panasonic that features a 120Hz refresh rate, Alpha IPS (In Plane Switching)

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setup is fairly easy, can have it all set up including the base and tuner within a half hour

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picture is clear and bright, and the screen doesn't reflect glare from windows

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great video upscaling of SD content, looks reasonably good next to HD content

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colors can be fairly accurate after adjustment

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provides wide-angle viewing, can be comfortably watched from anywhere in the room

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out of the box the colors are a bit off, will need a bit of adjustment to get them looking right

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controls on the top of the unit are a little awkwardly positioned

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takes a long time to start up after you hit the power button, over 30 seconds at least

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The TC-32LX700 is a 720p LCD television from Panasonic that features a 120Hz refresh rate, Alpha IPS (In Plane Switching) and Motion Picture Pro technology all combined to provide a smoother watching experience. LCD televisions are notorious for a problem known as "ghosting" where the image appears blurred during scenes with fast activity, these technologies work to reduce that blurring.

Another feature that Panasonic incorporates with the 32LX700 is Intelligent Scene Control. This technology dynamically adjusts various settings such as brightness and contrast on the fly to improve image quality: for example the brightness will be lowered during dark scenes to preserve the quality in shadows.

All of Panasonic's televisions include their EZ Synch technology which allows for multiple home theater components to be controlled through HDMI directly from the television. These other components must be from Panasonic and support EZ Synch as well.

Two lower end LCD televisions are available by Panasonic, the TC-32LX70, and the TC-26LX70 which come in 32" and 26" sizes respectively. These sets feature most of the same features as the 700 except for the lack of the advanced picture processing technology such as Motion Picture Pro.

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07/29/2007 08:59

I purchased the Panasonic TC-32LX700 32” in May 07. Here are the problems I have experienced. **1. There is a very long delay for the controls to work after the picture comes to life. The picture will come on in 14 sec. but no functions work until after 46 sec. have passed. I cannot use volume, channel or any other function. I assumed this was a problem and called for a local authorized service center. They replaced a board that Panasonic told them would take care of the problem. It did not. It has come to the point that I dread turning the set on knowing of the long wait. **2. The control buttons are completely useless being mounted on the top of the unit where the cabinet is too close for my hands to get in. I would not use them even if I could reach them because they are not labeled on the front. Very bad positioning. With my older set, occasionally, if I pass by the set and want to change channel or turn on/off without going for the remote, I can no longer do that. **3. The channel labels are very small and hard to see from a distance and the clock does not display with channel change.  ~~ Even though it has a good picture, I would return the set if I could because of these problems. It seems we have backed up in technology with this newest TV. Harold

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