'''A Cinema-Style Viewing Experience At Home''''

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'''A Cinema-Style Viewing Experience At Home''''
This widescreen TV features a width-to-height ratio similar to movie theater screens, providing a theater-like experience at home. View HDTV broadcasts and widescreen DVDs the way they were meant to be seen.
Crisp, Lifelike Details
HDTV broadcasts and DVDs offer more detail and better color than analog broadcasts, and it takes a high-resolution display to deliver all that picture information. The high pixel count of this LCD TV provides fine detail for outstanding HDTV reproduction. More pixels also translate into less stair-stepping artifacts; curved and diagonal edges look smooth and natural.
High-Quality Fast Motion Imagery
Fast pixel response time is essential to accurate image reproduction on LCD displays. If the response time is too long, fast motion seen during sports broadcasts and action movies can cause blurring. This LCD TV features an impressive 25ms response speed, helping to ensure excellent detail and smooth motion during high-speed scene transitions.
Great Image Quality at Wide Angles
Some LCD displays require the viewer to sit within a very small sweet spot for good image quality. Move too far to the left or right and image quality drops off sharply. This LCD TV features an extremely wide viewing angle of 170°, so whether you're right in front of the TV or sitting off to the side, you'll still get great image quality.
Progressive Scanning for Smooth, Rock Solid Images
Traditional analog TVs display video in an interlaced format that splits each film frame into two separate fields, resulting in visible scan lines and other image artifacts. A progressive scan display shows each film frame as one solid frame, helping to create a stable, solid image free of interlaced artifacts.
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