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Panasonic's KX-FLB851 is lower-mid-range multi-function laser printer that can also scan, copy and fax documents.

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prints come out at a reasonably good speed

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includes some useful image scaling functions that are fairly easy to use

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text comes out sharp, clear and easy to read

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scans at a very high resolution, catches all the details

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support for this printer is very hard to get considering the age

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hard to find toner cartridges for it

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takes a few minutes sometimes to start printing

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OCR software is very slow and misses a lot

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Panasonic's KX-FLB851 is lower-mid-range multi-function laser printer that can also scan, copy and fax documents. It is based on the model below it, the KX-FLB811, and has mostly the same features, with the one major upgrade of a user-customizable multi-tray document sorting system that makes it more useful in basic office environments. It can thus separate documents into different groups of faxes, copies or print jobs and can output around 18 pages per minute at 600 x 600 dpi, and has different quality settings. It has other features, like enlarging or shrinking documents electronically, as well as caller ID for the fax machine which displays the incoming number before accepting the fax call. The FLB851 also includes the Read-Iris Pro software, which converts paper documents into computer-editable text documents, and this software has a high accuracy rate and recognizes 53 languages. Other features include a 40-page automatic document loader and a 250-page capacity tray. Note that this printer (and the included software) is compatible only with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. 

  • Multifunction: Print, scan, copy, fax
  • USB connection (only)
  • User-customizable multi-tray document sorter
  • 600 x 600 dpi
  • Standard, fine, superfine and photo quality settins
  • Fax caller ID
  • 40-page auto document loader
  • 250-page tray
  • OCR software, Read-Iris Pro 5.5 (Full version) included
  • 33.6 kbps document transfer speed
  • 18 pages per minute
  • 50% shrinking, 200% enlargement
  • 1-year warranty
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