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The Panasonic BL-PA300A is a powerline Ethernet adapter.

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units sync in a couple of minutes at the most

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setup is as simple as it can be - just one button touch

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high enough bandwidth to handle multiple devices through a switch

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runs for months on end without needing to be tweaked or restarted

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streaming runs consistently without interruption

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not every outlet will be ideal, may need to test them in a few to find the best one

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design is very plain, doesn't look very sleek

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The Panasonic BL-PA300A is a powerline Ethernet adapter. While similar in function to the Panasonic BL-PA100A, this can handle faster throughput at speeds of up to 210Mbps. Data is transmitted directly through the household electrical system, and can communicate with similar powerline adapters up to 650 ft away. Security is handled through the 128-bit AES encryption standard. The unit has indicator lights to show a valid connection to other HD-PLC standard devices, activity over the network, and a light to indicate if the unit is operating in Master or Slave mode. A switch allows quick selection of modes, a SETUP button starts basic configuration, and a Reset button allows all settings to be cleared.

  • Maximum 210 Mbps
  • Standard: HD-PLC
  • Access Method: CSMA/CA
  • Error Correction: Reed-Solomon Encoder/Decoder and Convolutional Encoder/Viterbi Decoder
  • Encryption: AES 128-bit Encryption
  • Communication Distance: up to 650 ft, 200 m
  • Actual rate: Maximum 90 Mbps (UDP), 65 Mbps (TCP: when using Linux)
  • Recommended Adaptors Per Network (Max): 16 (including master)
  • Recommended devices per adaptor (Max):  8
  • Interface: 10 Base-T/100Base-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • Protocol: IPv4/IPv6/TCP/UDP
  • Indicators: PLC (green, red), LAN (green, orange), MASTER (green)
  • Mode Selector (MASTER or TERMINAL switch), SETUP button, Factory Default Reset button
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