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Part of Panasonic's first generation of automotive GPS devices, the Strada CN-NVD905U is a high-priced.

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DVDs look sharp and clear, lots of detail and the display is very bright

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on-screen menus are easy to navigate and use while driving

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button layout is intuitive, buttons are responsive

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touch-screen is accurate and responsive, don't have to try to hit what you're aiming for more than once

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GPS is very fast to calculate and offer directions

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sound quality is up to audiophile standards even without an amp

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have to remember to put the complete street name, including the "N" for North or "Ave", or it won't find the destination

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need to learn where the buttons are and get used to it at first, takes some getting used to

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Bluetooth has limited functionality, can only answer incoming calls but can't dial out

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can't manually switch between day and night mode, can be overly bright at night

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Part of Panasonic's first generation of automotive GPS devices, the Strada CN-NVD905U is a high-priced, in-dash model that comes with all of the features needed to compete with models that already have a toe-hold in the target market -- affluent consumers. It doesn't, however, offer any new features which might give it an advantage over the competition. As with all similar models, media playback and connectivity to other devices is standard, and voice guidance will talk you through a route. Reviewers do note that the 7" screen is among the largest available, and the display is crisp, bright and very clear.

  • 7" LCD screen
  • satellite radio-ready
  • DVD playback
  • update map info with SD cards
  • pre-programmed with USA, Canada, Puerto Rico
  • voice guidance (English, French, Spanish)
  • 30 gig hard drive
  • rear-view camera-ready
  • iPod-ready
  • handsfree phone-ready
  • 4 digit ID code security
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