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The Panasonic KX-TGA101 is a basic digital cordless handset with Hearing Aid Capability.

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clarity when using the speaker phone is very good

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functions are easy to program and access

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talk time is hours long

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range is very long, can work everywhere in a larger house

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no interference with wireless devices

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uses standard NiMH AAA batteries in case they need to be changed

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after one year unable to charge battery. I use self charger and it says battery is still not charged.

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no back light on the keypad itself

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can not work as a stand-alone, needs to be used as an expansion to an existing system only

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The Panasonic KX-TGA101 is a basic digital cordless handset with Hearing Aid Capability that complements an existing digital cordless phone system by expanding into any room in the house. DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology allows the user to move around the home freely with long range and clear sound with less interference. Operating in the 1.9GHz frequency range, this phone will not conflict with other wireless devices in the home such as wireless computer routers, keyboards and mice, microwave ovens, etc. This phone features up to 17 hours of talk time between charges, large buttons for comfort and convenience, and a headset jack (headset optional) for hands-free use. Even with the ringer off, missed calls can be avoided with the Light Up Indicator with Ring Alert, which flashes at the base of the antenna to show there is an incoming call, and will also flash slowly to indicate a new message. Additional features include digital speaker phone, built-in clock with alarm, call waiting, and Caller ID. This phone is ONLY compatible with the Panasonic KX-TG1000 DECT 6.0 Series telephone systems. Available in Silver only.

  • DECT 6.0 digital cordless handset with charger
  • 1.9 GHz frequency
  • Hearing Aid Capability
  • 17 hours talk time
  • Large buttons
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Digital speakerphone
  • Built-in clock with alarm
  • Backlit LCD
  • Headset jack and belt clip included
  • Light-Up Indicator with Ring Alert
  • Available in Silver
  • Only compatible with Panasonic KX-TG1000 DECT 6.0 Series telephone systems 
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