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The Panasonic KX-TG6641 is a cordless phone with base.

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Won't interfere with other modern wireless devices.

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Can have up to 6 handsets per base unit.

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Uses rechargeable AAA batteries for easy battery replacement.

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Very good battery life--lasts around a week with regular use.

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Power back-up feature allows for normal phone use even during a power outage.

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Extremely clear call quality on both sides of the line.

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Glossy plastic sections pick up dust and fingerprints really easily.

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numbers on phone fade with use

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The Panasonic KX-TG6641 is a cordless phone with base. While the phone only comes with one handset and base, additional handsets can be purchased separately and paired, although only one handset can be charged at a time. The KX-TG6641 is in the 2011 line-up of cordless phones, so it features a range boost that increases transmission range by 20% compared to previous generation Panasonic cordless phones. The Panasonic KX-TG6641 operates on the 1.9GHz frequency, which means it will not interfere with common 2.4GHz wireless devices such as routers, keyboards, mice, and game controllers. Additionally, the amount of power used to pick up the signal from the base is decreased the closer the handset is to the base, in order to increase battery life without decreasing call quality. Each handset is rechargeable, and in the case of a power outage, a handset can be used to power the base so that calls can still be made and received with the other cordless handsets. The phone's called ID has a text-to-speech feature that announces the name of the caller between rings. It also has voiced alarm reminders such as "Please charge phone" and "It's time for lunch."

  • Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus
  • 1.9GHz operating frequency
  • Does not interfere with common wireless devices
  • Up to 6 handsets
  • Power back-up charging from handsets
  • Dynamic power consumption to increase battery life
  • 2011 Range Boost (20% transmission range vs. previous generation)
  • Tone equalizer
  • Voiced caller-ID
  • Voiced alarms
  • 60 channels
  • 13 hour battery life (talk), 11 days (standby)
  • 7 hour recharge
  • Intercom
  • Call sharing
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Raymond Greco
04/10/2013 07:37

Want to mount this phone on the wall, but cannot figure out how to take the desk mount off!

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