Panasonic's KX-TG6413T is an entry-level cordless telephone package.

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Panasonic's KX-TG6413T is an entry-level cordless telephone package that includes the KX-TG11T handset and base as well as two additional handsets and battery charge stations. All the handsets use DECT 6.0 and operate at a frequency of 1.9 GHz, and this is designed to minimize interference with other electronic wireless devices. The handsets have large backlit keys and backlit LCD displays, and the base has a handset locator button. The phone has a couple of features, including a caller block list that gives a busy signal to undesired callers. The handsets have independent silent modes (one can ring while others are silent), and the inclusion of the second and third handsets also means that the handset-to-handset intercom is enabled. There is still room for expansion with up to 3 more handsets, for a total of 6. Other features include caller ID, call waiting ID, ringer ID and 3-way conference calling. This package has the most handsets of any KX-TG6411T package that Panasonic offers, so additional handsets (if desired) must be purchased separately.

  • DECT 6.0 1.9GHz operating frequency
  • Total of 3 handsets with 2 battery chargers and 1 main base
  • Rechargeable batteries, 5 hour talk time life per handset
  • Handset locator
  • Backlit keys/LCD display
  • Blocked caller list
  • Handset-to-handset intercom
  • Expandable up to 6 handsets
  • Conference calling (3-way)
  • 5-number redial memory
  • Phone book
  • Wall-mountable
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