Panasonic's KX-TG6440 is a mid-range cordless telephone package.

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 Panasonic's KX-TG6440 is a mid-range cordless telephone package that includes the KX-TG6441 telephone base and handset as well as four additional handsets - this is exactly the same as the KX-TG6445 package, except that one of the extra handsets in the TG6440 is metallic silver and one is metallic black in color. It uses DECT 6.0 to minimize interference with other wireless devices. Both the handsets and base have built-in speakerphones, and the base has its own dialing pad, making it possible to call from the base even if the main handset is away from it. The phone also has features like talking caller ID, talking alarm clock and battery indicator, as well as silent mode and a caller blocking list that can automatically give a busy signal to unwanted callers. There is also a built-in digital answering machine. The handsets and base can all be used as intercoms. The base and additional charger take about 7 hours to charge the handsets' batteries, and battery life is about 5 hours of talk time or 11 days of standby time. The base is supposed to have a long reception range, so the additional handsets can be placed anywhere throughout the house. There is room for one additional handset.


  • Released March 2009
  • DECT 6.0, 1.9GHz operating frequency
  • Includes 2 additional grey handsets, 1 metallic silver and 1 metallic black handset, all include chargers (5 total)
  • Handset and base speakerphones
  • 4-way intercom
  • Expandable up to 6 handsets
  • Caller block list
  • Talking alarm/battery indicator/caller ID
  • Silent mode
  • LCD monochrome display
  • 4-way conference calling
  • Built-in digital answering machine
  • Itemized voice mail
  • Rechargeable batteries, 5 hour talk time, 11 day standby

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