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The Panasonic RR-US551 is a handheld voice recorder with a number of advanced functions for filtering out background noise.

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recordings are high quality, don't have to turn it up to hear it clearly

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built very light, can put it in your pocket and not feel weighted down

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audio playback of stored files through the headphones is good, can be used as an MP3 player if needed

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slide on/off switch prevents accidental recordings

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directional mic helps filter out background noise automatically

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transferring files to a computer is fast and easy, no software required

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no case, clip or any other way of securing it other than carrying it in your hand

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The Panasonic RR-US551 is a handheld voice recorder with a number of advanced functions for filtering out background noise and reviewing recorded sound. The built-in "zoom microphone" allows the user to change how much sound will be recorded that falls outside of the range of human speech. General noise reduction functions also work to remove background sounds. A stand is included in order to aim the microphone properly and reduce the amount of incidental sounds that could be picked up if the device was being held in your hand.

Sound is recorded into MP3 format onto 1GB of internal memory. You can connect it to your computer to copy the files with an included USB cable, or review the files using the built-in speaker. 21-step playback speed control is used if you want to skip through portions of the recording.

  • Built-in Zoom Microphone
  • Noise Reduction Function
  • 1GB of internal memory
  • 21-step playback speed control
  • External MIC, Headphone jacks
  • Built-in speaker
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Records in MP3 format
  • Stand included
  • USB cable included
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06/02/2012 11:46

graba bien perron y graba en stereo y como dise royer graba todos los gemidos muy reales a la hora de pisar

06/02/2012 11:44

muy buen producto para grabar jadeos de cama se oye super

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