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The Panasonic SC-HC05 is a compact stereo system and iPod dock.

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Functional, slim design fits well on any nightstand.

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Puts out enough volume to fill the average bedroom adequately.

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Internet radio compatible with control right from the shelf system.

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Surprisingly clear, full sound quality for a compact sound system.

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Decently priced for the quality of the unit.

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Bluetooth audio quality is very consistent thanks to Bluetooth Remaster technology.

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Lacks a little on the bass end.

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The Panasonic SC-HC05 is a compact stereo system and iPod dock. This is a higher-end model in the slim, flat design series that expands on the Panasonic SC-HC25 and Panasonic SC-HC35, incorporating higher power output, Bluetooth streaming functionality and Internet radio streaming. Functionally this is the same as the Panasonic SC-HC55, but uses a Push-to-Open iPod/iPhone Direct Dock as well as a few other design differences. This is also the only model in the series that doesn't have a CD player built in. Dual passive radiator speakers work with an advanced bamboo cone speaker to create full-range audio with a total output power of 40 watts. An MP3 re-mastering system fills out the sound of compressed audio, achieving a much fuller and richer audio output than conventional iPod docks.

  • Slim, Flat, Compact Design
  • Wireless Music Streaming by Bluetooth Remaster
  • Internet Radio Control
  • Push to Open iPod/iPhone Direct Dock
  • Black or White Colors Available
  • Dual Passive Radiator Speaker
  • Advanced Bamboo Cone Speaker
  • 2 Way Speaker
  • 40 W output total
  • MP3 Remaster
  • Low Power Consumption
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