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The Panasonic SC-EN38 mini system, although introduced as a basic unit, offers a bundle of features.

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Dedicated iDevice dock is ideal for iPod and iPhone users - charges units while offering expanded song, artist and playlist navigation

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Radio tuning is excellent - quickly analyzes local airwaves and identifies different stations, with strong and consistent signal strength

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LCD display provides comprehensive song information when streaming content from a portable media player - select radio stations also offer track/artist information

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Mp3 CD support enables playback of massive file amounts - functions similarly to playlist and shuffle services on many Mp3 players

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Maximum volume level is very high - suitable for music and dance practice along with smaller social gatherings

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Overall sound quality is fairly disappointing - booming bass levels result in a total lack of clarity, especially amongst high/treble frequencies

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Automatically starts playing music when attaching an iDevice - sure to cause user frustration, especially when using a streaming radio application like Pandora

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The Panasonic SC-EN38 mini system, although introduced as a basic unit, offers a bundle of features. Panasonic markets the SC-EN38 as an iPod stereo system, identifying the unit’s most notable feature, the Integrated Universal Dock. For a user looking for more than just a stand in iPod speaker system, CD-R/RW and MP3s may be played through the single disc CD player. The amplifier produces 5.6W (1kHz, 6 ohms, 10%THD) FTC output power through full range, bass reflex speakers. The sound presented is Re-Mastered Digital/Analog and information is displayed on a LCD display. Radio reception is accomplished with a digital synthesizer tuner equipped with 30 FM station presets. Lastly, the SC-EN38 can also function as an alarm clock, utilizing either the radio or CD player.     

  • Integrated Universal Dock plays iPod
  • Single Disc CD Player
  • CD-RW/R and MP3 playback
  • Digital Sythesizer Tuner
  • LCD Displays Information
  • Remote Control
  • USB and Music Port
  • Alarm Clock
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