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The Panasonic SC-PT670 is a high-end home theater system.

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compatible with wireless rear speakers

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integrated iPod dock

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5-disc DVD/CD player

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affordable price

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upscales standard definition DVDs to 1080p

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easy set up

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lacks wireless rear speakers

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cannot play the latest high definition optical media (blu-ray)

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The Panasonic SC-PT670 is a high-end home theater system that is part of the latest series announced by Panasonic at the 2009 CES event in Las Vegas. The SC-PT670 is the lower end model and is being released with the premier SC-PT770. Both devices will feature an integrated and universal iPod dock that will play all types of media on a television (audio, video and photos). When compared to the SC-PT770 the lower end model, SC-PT670, lacks a wireless rear speaker setup bundled with the device; but it is important to note the setup is optional and can be added in. The speaker system is comprised of unique Bamboo cone speakers which Panasonic claims will deliver "a sensational audio performance". Both devices also contain a single power saving processor chip, the "Uniphier", which can save up to 20% when compared to Panasonic's previous home theater models (SC-PT760, SC-PT660). Because the SC-PT670 is a continuation of Panasonic's previously released home theater line; the 670 device will likely feature additional options similar to the SC-PT660 upon release. The Panasonic SC-PT670 has a suggested MSRP of $299.95.

  • High-end home theater setup
  • DVD content playback
  • Integrated iPod dock for media playback on a  home television
  • Optional SH-FX70 wireless kit setup
  • Unique and cutting edge Bamboo cone speakers
  • Uniphier power saving processor

The SH-FX70 wireless setup kit will be available as an optional upgrade for the lower end model (SC-PT670). Included in the kit are two wireless rear speakers and a 2.4GHz digital wireless transmitter card that will connect directly to the receiver. The small transmitter will also include a compact rear receiver that provides a three position switch for different sound options; 5.1 ch left and right channel sound, 7.1 ch left surround and left rear surround, and of course 7.1 ch right surround and right rear surround.

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12/30/2010 08:25

I just bought this SC-PT670 home theater and I am trying to hook this up to my 9 year old Mitsubishi 55" rear projection tv. It doesnt have a optical input in the back of it. How can I make this work so my tv can come through the home theater? Do they make a audio to optiical cord. And if so where can I get one. Thanks



02/15/2011 03:21

Yes they do! I have a SC-PT760 and a 47" Lg and had to get a SPDIF to optical converter. Works great. Do a google on audio to Toslink coverters. Here's a link to one I found. It's a little pricier than the one I ended up with. Good luck

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