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The Panasonic SC-PT480 is a DVD home theater sound system.

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front speaker surround sound mode accommodates very small living spaces

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sleek design to all components, simplified black boxes with few distracting details

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speakers and DVD unit are built in a small footprint design, takes up little room

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strong sound output for small to medium sized rooms

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DVD upconversion is smooth, good approximation of HD without artifacting or grain

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no fine tuning of the audio quality

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few inputs and outputs available

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missing support for a number of major HD audio codecs

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The Panasonic SC-PT480 is a DVD home theater sound system. It is designed to play DVDs, while enhancing the quality of the picture and sound. This systems features 1080p upconversion, front surround mode, and an HDMI Audio Return Channel. When compared to a higher end model, SC-BT228, the SC-PT480 lacks certain features, such as Blu-Ray playback. However, the SC-PT480 seems directed more at consumers looking for an inexpensive system that works with DVDs, rather than the HD quality of Blu-Ray.

The 1080p upconversion allows for the video signal to be upgraded to the highest picture quality, to optimize it for their new television. A user may also use the front surround mode in order to enjoy 5.1ch surround sound with the five speakers placed in the front. This way, even if a user is low on space, they may still experience 5.1ch surround sound. In addition, the HDMI Audio Return Channel sends compressed surround sound to any device without the use of an optical audio cable.

  • 1080p upconversion
  • Front Surround Mode
  • HDMI Audio Return Channel
  • Integrated Universal Dock for iPod (for music and video)
  • Integrated FM Tuner
  • Stand-By Power-Save Mode
  • Dolby Digital Decoder
  • DTS Decoder
  • Selectable Speaker Layout (5.1ch Surround or 5.1ch All Front)
  • Energy Star Certified
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