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The SC-MT1 is an entry-level DVD home theater system from Panasonic, currently discontinued.

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enough power output for a small to medium sized room

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playback of a good variety of compressed audio file formats built in

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sound effects and dialog sound great from these speakers

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DVD playback results in a very sharp, clear, well-rendered picture

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good translation of Dolby and DTS formats, can get some incredibly clear audio reproduction faithful to the original recording

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not enough power output for a larger room

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no true digital input/output

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mechanical issues after the first year have been reported by a few customers

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always takes at least 10 seconds to load a disc, pauses when you want to eject or turn the unit on/off

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The SC-MT1 is an entry-level DVD home theater system from Panasonic, currently discontinued. Four satellite speakers output 30W each, a center speaker outputs 110W, and a 140W subwoofer rounds out the 370W 5.1-channel system, adequate for small-to-medium-size rooms, but potentially disappointing to buyers seeking powerful performance from the rear and side speakers. The speakers and DVD player feature a silvery gray finish and a small form factor ideal for placement on a crowded bookshelf. The DVD player includes basic home theater functionality -- Dolby Digital, Pro Logic, and DTS decoding, and support for JPEG/MP3/WMA CDs, in addition to progressive-scan DVD playback. All speakers are magnetically shielded so that they do not interfere with the TV's signal.

  • 5.1 channels
  • 4x 30W bookshelf speakers
  • 110W center speaker
  • 140W subwoofer
  • 370W total power output
  • Dolby Digital/Pro Logic/DTS decoding
  • DVD + JPEG/MP3/WMA CD support
  • Progressive scan
  • Magnetic shielding
  • 192kHz/24-bit audio decoding
  • 54MHz/10-bit video decoding
  • AM/FM tuner
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