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The Panasonic DVD-LS855 is a mid-grade portable DVD player designed for users always on the go.

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car holder keeps the unit right in the position to be seen in the car seat

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can be very loud at the highest volume without even using the headphone port

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resumes playing where it left off when turned on

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compact design makes it easy to bring with you for any purpose

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included carry bag has space for extras, such as DVDs to watch

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video quality isn't very sharp, some blurring visible

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easy to accidentally hit the play and stop buttons along the top front edge

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The Panasonic DVD-LS855 is a mid-grade portable DVD player designed for users always on the go, looking for a portable form of entertainment. The LS855 features an 8.5" wide-screen LCD display that rests on a pivoting axle to allow "free-style viewing from any angle". The LS855 also allows users to change screen brightness depending on the lighting conditions in their location; Panasonic claims the LS855 will provide a clear picture in any situation such as in bright sunlight on the beach, or a dimly lit airplane cabin.

The Panasonic DVD-LS855 also includes additional features such as multi-format playback (DVD-RAM/-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD-R/-RW, MP3, WMA) an integrated and fully rechargeable lithium battery that lasts through six hours of playback, an included car AC adapter, an AV input jack, built-in 2 channel stereo speakers, and a 108MHz (12-bit) digital to analog video converter. The LS855 also includes extra accessories such as a custom case, and a headrest bracket.

  • Mid-grade portable DVD player
  • 8.5" QVGA LCD display screen (wide-screen)
  • Pivoting axle for free-style viewing
  • Screen brightness adjustments
  • Multi-format playback
  • Six hour battery life
  • Includes car AC adapter
  • Integrated AV input jack
  • Built-in 2 channel stereo speakers
  • 108MHz- 12 bit digital to analog video converter
  • Includes accessories; custom case, headrest bracket
  • TV Signal Format: NTSC
  • Screen/LCD Selector: Normal/Full
  • DVD Playback: DVD, DivX
    • Multi-format Disc Playback: DVD, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-R(DL), +R/+R(DL)/+RW, CD, CD-R/RW
    • DVD-Ram Video Playback: DVD-VR, MP3, JPEG, MPEG4, DIVX
    • DVD-R/-RW Playback Capability: DVD-Video, DVD-VR, MP3. JPEG, MPEG4, DIVX
    • DVD-R (DL) Playback: DVD-Video, DVD-VR
    • CD/CD-R/RW Playback: CD-DA, Video CD, SVCD , HighMAT (Level 2), WMA, MP3 JPEG, MPEG4, DIVX
  • Input/Output
    • Headphone out (2)
    • AV Input
  • Power Source: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 22W
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02/19/2011 12:04

How long must the A/V input pin be?

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