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Panasonic's SC-SP100 is a mid-level compact iPod docking stereo system.

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looks good - features a unique, curvy design

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sounds good - produces a good amount of bass

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capable of receiving calls while in the dock - no need to remove it

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convenient - the iPod never has to be removed from the dock to sync with a PC

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small footprint - well suited for small rooms with limited space

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remote control - integrates well allowing for easy navigation and control

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expensive - comparable docks are available for less

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 Panasonic's SC-SP100 is a mid-level compact iPod docking stereo system. The SP100 is equipped with 20 watts of output power and dual 2.5" passive radiators and a 2.5" woofer. The design is unique and compact, but the added power from the woofer gives this model a surprisingly loud sound.  The SP100 comes with a remote for ease of use and a USB port which allows you to connect the station to your computer and update your iPod from there.  The SP100 is a smaller stereo and intended for at-home use in quieter environments.

The SC-SP100 claims a 20 watt output which is split between it's two 2.5" speakers and one 2.5" woofer.  The woofer hogs 10 watts of this power and the additional 10 watts is shared by the two main speakers.  The SP100 is solely a iPod dock, with no CD or AM/FM radio options.  Perhaps the best additional feature of this unit is the ability to sync your iPod through the SP100 dock by connecting it to your computer via USB.  This will allow you to add or remove songs to your iPod while it's playing music on the SP100.

Key Features
  • iPod docking system
  • Dock on front of unit
  • 20 watts output
  • 10 watts to 2.5" woofer, and 5 watts to each 2.5" speaker
  • Unique and compact design
  • Remote control included
  • USB port allows you to update your iPod from computer
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) = 175 x 138.8 x 178.5 mm
  • .85 kg
  • Impedence = 6 ohms
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