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The SC-HTB10 is a sound bar manufactured by Panasonic.

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provides ample bass without the use of a dedicated subwoofer - well suited for those living in apartments

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seamless home theater integration - the sound bar turns on/off with a Panasonic Viera Link HDTV

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a step-up from the built-in speakers commonly found in HDTVs without upgrading to a true surround sound system

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the height of the sound bar can block a television's infrared sensor

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included directions for adjusting settings are vague - users might have to experiment with the options

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Dolby and DTS sound decoding is not surround sound, but rather virtualization effects piped through 2.1 channels

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requires a HDMI/ARC ready HDTV

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lacks separate bass/treble controls - users can only adjust the internal subwoofer

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The SC-HTB10 is a sound bar manufactured by Panasonic. It is designed to enhance the audio quality of devices such as a TV and a Blu-Ray player. The SC-HTB10 features 3D Audio pass through capability, clear-mode dialog, and advanced bamboo cone speakers. When compared to a competing product, the Philips HTS8100, the SC-HTB10 lacks certain capabilities such as DVD playback and 5.1ch audio. However, the SC-HTB10 is a far less expensive product, and is also smaller, allowing it to be placed in a room with little space, as well as increasing it's portability.

The SC-HTB10's 3D Audio pass through capability allows the sound bar to widen the stereo image (when connected to a 3D audio device), to give a more immersive experience. The clear-mode dialog option causes voices to sound more from the center of the TV display. It also increases the synchronization between audio and visuals. This allows a user to hear dialog more clearly than on a normal television. The advanced bamboo cone speakers allow the sound to become more responsive. According to Panasonic, this enables vocals to be "purer and cleaner", and dialog to be "crisper and easier to understand".

  • 3D Audio Pass Through
  • Clear-mode Dialog
  • Advanced Bamboo Cone Speakers
  • HDMI Audio Return Channel
  • Single Bar Type with Easy Connection
  • 2.1ch Audio
  • Dolby Pro Logic II Support
  • Dolby Virtual Speaker Decoder
  • DTS Digital Surround Decoder
  • VIERA Link Support
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