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The Panasonic SC-HC20 is a compact iPod dock and CD stereo system, suitable for smaller spaces or quieter environments.

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iPhone and iPod compatible - charges devices while playing

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includes 1/8" mini input for those without iPod branded music players

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motorized door conceals the CD tray for a minimalist aesthetic

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adjustable sound settings - treble/bass and 4 EQ presets

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Approximately one foot long and less than six inches thick - can fit into most spaces with ease

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One line LCD display can't show multiple files or folders

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only 10 watts of power - suitable for small rooms only

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poorly designed remote control with limited functionality

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The Panasonic SC-HC20 is a compact iPod dock and CD stereo system, suitable for smaller spaces or quieter environments.  The HC20 is the beginner model of Panasonic's SC-HC line of iPod docks.  It sends 10 watts of power through its three 1/8" paper cone speakers.  The CD tray on the HC20 is concealed by a motorized sliding door, while an iPod or iPhone can easily be docked at the very front of the player.  Being the smallest model in the line, the HC20 is not wall mountable and would be best for individual use in a quiet environment such as a bedroom or bathroom.

The Panasonic SC-HC20 also has an AM/FM tuner complete with an auto tuning function.  The CD drive on the HC20 plays CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs.  It also has an additional 1/8" Mini input, for those that have a MP3 player than is not iPod brand.  But for those that do have an iPod, this station will charge your iPod or iPhone as it plays music.  There's 4 preset EQ settings to choose from, as well as treble and bass controls.  Finally, the HC20 is programmable and can be used as an alarm clock.

Key Features
  • iPod Dock / CD Player / AM/FM Radio
  • Plays CD, CD-R/RW, and MP3 CDs
  • 10 watts
  • 3 - 1/8" paper cone speakers
  • Motorized sliding door that conceals CD tray
  • Additional 1/8" Mini input
  • Charges iPod or iPhone while playing
  • 4 EQ presets
  • Treble/Bass control
  • Programmable timer / sleep button (to use as alarm clock)
  • Dimensions = 8-7/16 x 15-1/8 x 4-13/32
  • Weight = 4.6 lbs
Post Review
02/11/2011 10:28

Does this unit (Panasonic sc-hc20 cd player) have resume play function, so that after stopping for awhile (not shutting down) it will resume playing from that point? Thanks

12/15/2010 06:12

Does this HC 20 have a radio as well?



12/15/2010 08:20

Yes, it does.

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