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Panasonic's MW-10 is a 9" digital photo frame complete with an audio system.

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good interaction with the iPod, offers in-depth control

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iPod dock is behind the screen, tucked out of the way

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remote offers in-depth control of the device, everything is just a few button presses away

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can read pictures from a wide variety of sources

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pictures seem overly saturated, can't be fine tuned very easily

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mini-USB plug means an adapter is required to use a normal USB flash drive

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not capable of very loud audio output

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 Panasonic's MW-10 is a 9" digital photo frame complete with an audio system.  This digital frame plays photos from SD memory card, CD or the 4 GB on internal memory it has.  And while your watching your photos, you can also listen to your music, either from your iPod/iPhone, CD, or AM/FM radio.  It has 10 watts of output power through it's one 5/8" bamboo cone speaker.  The MW-10's iPod dock is behind the monitor, and can also play video from your iPod or iPhone.  The MW-10 is a low-end stereo system, suitable for at-home use in quieter areas.

The MW-10 has a number of interesting features built into it, including the bamboo cone speakers that are more durable and better sounding than regular paper cone speakers.  Another interesting feature is the unit's ability to play audio and video from an iPod and iPhone.  You could also connect an external hard drive with your photos to this unit, using the USB mini 2.0 plug on the rear.  There's 5 EQ presets to choose from when playing audio, and an AM/FM tuner is also a feature on the MW-10.  

Key Features
  • digital photo frame AND audio system
  • 9" VGA LCD screen
  • plays photos from SD card, CD, internal memory, or external HDD using USB mini 2.0 connection.
  • 4 GB of internal memory
  • Plays CD, CD-R/RW, and iPod/iPhone
  • AM / FM tuner
  • iPod/iPhone dock located on back of unit
  • Bamboo cone speakers
  • iPod dock plays audio and video
  • 5 EQ presets to choose from
  • Dimensions = 7/'' x 9/'' x 5/''
  • Weight = 4.2 lbs
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