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Noise-cancelling headphones work by creating "anti-noise" that exactly counterbalances external sounds at the ear.

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Comfortable ergonomic fit, remains comfortable over long trips (e.g. plane or train rides)

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Noise cancellation feature can work without being plugged into a source if desired

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Lighter than similar competing noise-canceling models

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Noise-canceling effect is noticeable and effective, especially for low-frequency droning noises

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Much more affordable than many other brands of noise-canceling headphones

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In-line controls are sensitive and have a tendency to be adjusted accidentally

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Open foam pad design lets in some ambient noise from higher frequencies, e.g. conversations

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Noise-cancelling headphones work by creating "anti-noise" that exactly counterbalances external sounds at the ear.  While unable to cope with non-repetitive sounds, they do a good job of reducing the constant drone in an airliner cabin or the hum of a room air conditioner or computer fan.  Noise-cancelling headphones began as an expensive, bulky laboratory concept, but Panasonic's RP-HC70 exemplifies their graduation to an affordable consumer product.  The least expensive model in the RP-HC line, they nonetheless offer good sound quality and up to 50 hours of active background noise cancellation from a single AAA alkaline battery.  Their lightweight folding design makes them ideal for travel, and the closed over-ear approach is courteous to other passengers.  The cord-mounted controller offers a volume control as well as a noise-reduction intensity switch.  Choose either maximum noise cancellation -- up to 70%, according to Panasonic -- or the less aggressive setting for more awareness of the sounds around you.  Large 1.2" drivers respond to frequencies from 40 Hz to 15 KHz.

  • 40 Hz - 15 KHz frequency response
  • 5' cord
  • 3.5 mm mini stereo plug
  • Uses AAA battery (alkaline recommended)
  • Battery life up to 50 hours
  • 1.2" driver
  • Impedance 30 ohms
  • 10 dB repetitive noise reduction at 300 Hz
  • 1/4" adapter, aircraft adapter, battery included
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