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Noise-cancelling headphones work by creating "anti-noise" that exactly counterbalances external sounds at the ear.

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durable - made from quality materials

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good battery life - about 54 hours from a single AAA battery

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large earcups - made with a comfortable, lightweight design

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includes everything required for traveling - a carrying pouch, aircraft adapter and a battery

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no padding on the top piece - not as comfortable for those without hair

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not the best noise canceling - only capable of reducing repetitive noises

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mediocre sound quality - not for audiophiles

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an audible hissing noise is present when the noise canceling mode is on

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Noise-cancelling headphones work by creating "anti-noise" that exactly counterbalances external sounds at the ear.  While unable to cope with non-repetitive sounds, they do a good job of reducing the constant drone in an airliner cabin or the hum of a room air conditioner or computer fan.  Noise-cancelling headphones began as an expensive, bulky laboratory concept, but Panasonic's RP-HC line brings them into the realm of affordability.  Their RP-HC150-S is positioned squarely in the middle of the line and -- with up to 54 hours of active background noise cancellation from a single AAA alkaline battery -- is a solid performer.  Panasonic reports up to 75% reduction of environmental noise, and the model's large 1.57" neodymium-backed drivers respond to frequencies spanning 10 Hz to 27 KHz.  The folding design and included aircraft adapter plus carrying pouch make them perfect for noisy airliner cabins and travel in general.  A gold-plated mini-stereo plug helps assure a quality connection.

  • 10 Hz - 27 KHz frequency response
  • 4.9' cord
  • Gold-plated 3.5 mm mini stereo plug
  • Uses AAA battery (alkaline recommended)
  • Battery life up to 54 hours
  • 1.57" driver with neodymium magnet
  • Impedance 32 ohms
  • Carrying pouch, aircraft adapter, battery included
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