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The Panasonic HDC-SD80 is a high definition camcorder with SD memory card storage.

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good manual controls - independent shutter and iris settings

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touchscreen display for intuitive touch control

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Hybrid OIS - physical and electronic image stabilization gets you a much nicer / more professional result than non-stabilized offerings

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37x optical zoom

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records to easy to find, affordable and capacious SD/SDHC/SDXC flash storage

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lens cover must manually be closed when the camera is turned off - exposes the camera to potential damage from unknowing or forgetful users

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smaller 1.5MP 1/5.8in CMOS sensor than the step up SD90 model - requires interpolation which degrades the end result compared to a larger full-HD sensor, poorer low light performance

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no accessory shoe (found on the SD90)

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no external mic input (found on the SD90)

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The Panasonic HDC-SD80 is a high definition camcorder with SD memory card storage. The SD80 is a more affordable version of the SD90, featuring slightly diminished video quality but a wider lens (33.7mm). Another major difference between the SD80 and SD90 is that the SD80 lacks progressive scan recording, meaning it can record only in 1081i, as compared to the SD90 which records in 1080i and the arguably superior 1080p.

The SD80 features a 1/5.8in sensor, which while smaller than the SD90's 1/4.1in sensor and therefore less noise-reducing, also allows for a greater optical zoom of 34x.

The HDC-SD series from Panasonic features camcorders with SD memory only, whereas the HDC-TM series includes built-in memory (up to 32GB) and the HDC-HS series features internal hard drives for up to 220GB of built-in storage.

The Panasonic HDC-SD80 also features a 2.7in touch screen, a HYBRID Optical Image Stabilizer to reduce blurring, and Intelligent Auto which automatically detects conditions and adjust settings for optimal video results.

  • 33.7mm Wide Angle
  • 1/5.8 MOS sensor
  • 1080i Video
  • 2.7in Touch LCD Display
  • 34x Optical Zoom
  • HYBIRD Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Mini HDMI
  • USB 2.0
  • Zoom Mic
  • Wind Noise Canceller
  • 3.0 Megapixel Still Picture Recording
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