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The Lumix DMC-FX90 is a Wi-Fi-enabled compact digital camera from Panasonic.

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battery life is above average, can take a good number of photos before they need replacing

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copying files to your hard drive with WiFi is quick and easy

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can catch fast moving subjects sharply, no blur

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menus are easy to navigate, well organized

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automatically sets itself up with the best settings for any given situation

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good integration with online services, makes unattended backups smoothly and reliably

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audio when recording video is poor, makes the person holding the camera extremely loud compared to everyone else

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low light shooting is grainy, lots of noise

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The Lumix DMC-FX90 is a Wi-Fi-enabled compact digital camera from Panasonic that offers an alternative to the other models in the company's Lumix series. Featuring 12.1 megapixels and a 5x optical zoom, this model allows users to send data and commands across a common Wi-Fi network for increased functionality significantly reduced transfer rates. 1080/60i high-definition video capture is also available, alongside a composite still function that enables 3D image synthesis for improved realism. Smartphone users can download the "Lumix Link" application on their iOS or Android device for additional wireless control, where they can use their device to trigger image capture and adjust shutter speed and flash settings. Direct uploading to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Picasa is offered via the "Lumix Club" function, aimed towards travellers and other people on the go who want to share their images right away. 70 megabytes of internal storage are included, with full support of all SD card types for additional memory. In addition, the camera's 3-inch touchscreen TFT LCD display helps to minimize navigation time usually made difficult by dedicated hard buttons. 

  • 12.1 megapixels
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • 5x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom
  • Lumix Link Android/iPhone application support 
  • Lumix Club connectivity to Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and Flickr
  • 1080/60i HD video capture 
  • 3D composite still production 
  • Digital red eye correction 
  • 70MB internal memory 
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card support
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