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The 12.1 megapixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX580 is a higher end digital camera that boasts many advanced functions.

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image stabilization is excellent, don't have to worry about keeping too steady

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compact and sleek design profile, fits in a pocket easily

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minimal lag time between hitting the button and getting the picture

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auto-focus finds people right away and locks on quickly

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usage is all obvious, no real learning curve involved

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finish and design look impressive and high-end

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low light photos still show a fair amount of detail and minimize grain

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drains batteries pretty quickly, need to keep spares on hand

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if it's bright out it's hard to see the screen

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The 12.1 megapixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX580 is a higher end digital camera that boasts many advanced functions. The DMC-FX580 features a 5x optical zoom, a 25mm wide-angle Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens with F2.8 brightness, and a 3.0 inch LCD touch-screen. The FX580 has an enhanced Intelligent Auto (iA) mode that includes Face Recognition, among the other standard iA functions: Mega O.I.S prevents blurring caused by shaky hands when shooting; Intelligent ISO Control prevents blurring caused by the subject moving as you shoot; Intelligent Scene Selector selects the most suitable Scene mode for the situation; Intelligent Exposure adjusts the brightness of dark areas in an image; Face Detection helps capture clear, crisp shots of faces; and AF Tracking keeps the focus locked onto the subject, even if it moves. Face Recognition is a function that "remembers" registered faces, so that when a familiar face is in the frame, it optimizes the focus and exposure so that the face is bright and sharply focused.

The DMC-FX580 also features a Venus Engine V image processor, which has twin CPUs that carry approximately 2.4x processing capability and supports a High Sensitivity mode that lets the camera record at a setting of up to ISO 6400. The Venus Engine V is also 16% more energy efficient than its predecessor, the Venus Engine IV, thus extending battery life by 350 pictures. Other features include a Panorama Assist scene mode, allowing the user to take a series of images to combine into a panorama shot while checking the degree of overlap between adjacent shotes; a High Speed Burst that fires 10 shots per second; and a Macro Zoom function that delivers dramatic close-ups. Additionally, the FX580 can record High Definition (1280x720p) motion pictures at 30 frames per second. Available in Black or Silver.

  • 12.1 megapixel resolution
  • 5x MEGA optical image-stabilized zoom
  • 25mm wide-angle Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens
  • Intelligent Auto (iA) mode: AF Tracking, Intelligent Exposure, Mega O.I.S., Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, Face Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Venus Engine IV image processor
  • Panorama Assist mode
  • High Speed Burst
  • Macro Zoom
  • High resolution 3.0 inch LCD touch-screen
  • Records High Definition (1280x720p) motion images at 30 frames per second
  • Available Colors: Black, Silver 
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