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Any type of milk can be used, from whole milk to reduced-fat varieties.

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Authentic-style Greek yogurt made at home means you can enjoy freshness and taste using your own ingredients, made the way you like. The easy-to-use Mykonos Greek Yogurt Maker includes everything you need for creating one large batch or individual servings in glass jars provided. Any type of milk can be used, from whole milk to reduced-fat varieties. For vegan diets or those with lactose intolerance, soy and almond milk can be used with delicious results as well. Greek style yogurt contains a high protein value — up to twice the amount of traditional yogurt. Both types of yogurt are ideal sources of probiotics that help aid with digestive health. Most health enthusiasts eat Greek yogurt regularly for breakfast, lunch, and at snack time as a good source of protein, often with lower fat content than some alternative proteins.

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  • Set of 6 x 7oz. glass jars with lids for storing or making personalized sized portions
  • 1 large 17oz. plastic container with lid for making yogurt in larger batches
  • Makes home made protein rich Greek yogurt in 3 simple steps
  • Uniquely designed Greek yogurt strainer turns creamy yogurt into protein rich Greek yogurt
  • Greek strainer and all containers store neatly and compactly in the same unit
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Be Savings Savvy

Greek yogurt prices at the supermarket are at a premium. You can beat the prices by making your own yogurt at home. If you regularly eat yogurt, this yogurt maker not only helps to add extra protein to your diet, but also adds something extra in your wallet too.

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Wake up to Freshly Made Yogurt

Awake to a batch of creamy, fresh homemade yogurt that you can enjoy as a parfait with fresh fruit and granola, use in smoothies and shakes or for baking delicious breads and muffins. Individual single serving jars are convenient for the entire family to create their own yogurt treat. It’s so easy to prepare.

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Step 1 – Mix It

First, mix milk and starter cultures together. You may choose to use packaged starter cultures or you can mix milk with some premade, plain yogurt. After mixing, pour into unit.

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Step 2 – Cook It

Next you can set unit to cook with the push of a button. This digital model features an LCD display and timer function for added convenience. There’s no need to stir while cooking. Cook time varies between 10-12 hours, depending on type of milk used, so you can retire to bed and have batch ready in the morning, or set it to cook before leaving for work.

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Step 3 – Strain It

If you prefer traditional style yogurt, you can place container in fridge after cooking is done. The secret to Greek yogurt is simply straining out liquid whey so only the protein-rich whey solids remain. For Greek-style yogurt, simply strain batch with Greek yogurt strainer to remove liquid, then place in fridge. When done, pieces store compactly together in unit.

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Greek yogurt is a popular choice for health and nutrition enthusiasts as it is a good protein source and contains probiotics to help aid in digestive health.

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The Mykonos Greek Yogurt Maker offers a completely customizable way to prepare yogurt to suit your diet and taste preferences. From traditional to Greek style yogurt, to any variety of milk from dairy to almond milk, you can enjoy a healthy meal or snack the way you like it.

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You can prepare one large 32-ounce batch of yogurt in a quart-sized container. This is ideal if you use yogurt for cooking, baking or in dressings. This batch size is also convenient for preparing brunch parfaits or healthy desserts to serve family and guests. Or, you may choose to prepare as individual servings with the set of 6 - 7oz. glass jars and lids for a quick meal or snack that you can just grab and go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the container and strainer BPA free?

    The smaller containers are all glass and the strainer seems to be made of something like PET. The bigger container is probably the most likely to have a bis phenol issue, but if it bothers you, some small canning jars the same size as the included jars will work pretty well.

  • Is the strainer included?


  • Is this machine is 110v?

    Yes, it is 110v.

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