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Osmo is a gaming accessory that will change the way your child plays.

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Osmo is a gaming accessory that will change the way your child plays. Crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital realms.

Osmo isn't just for kids. Designed for anyone aged 6 and up, this educational toy can be enjoyed by nearly everyone in the family. Siblings can challenge each other in Words, best friends can work together in Newton, or dad and daughter can sweat it out in Tangram. Kids, parents, grandparents, and friends alike can play with Osmo anywhere, anytime. Even at Grandma's house, where there's no WiFi connection.

In this digital age, the iPad offers young minds a great platform for learning and playing. But, when kids are interacting only with a touchscreen, they're spending less time engaging with their physical world. Osmo is a technology system that bridges the physical and digital worlds by taking gameplay beyond the screen.

Osmo is compatible with all versions of iPad 2 and up, all versions of iPad mini and all versions of iPad Air.

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  • Groundbreaking system encourages creative thinking and social interaction by expanding gameplay beyond the screen
  • Games can be played and even created by the whole family, anywhere and on any surface
  • Set comes with reflector, base and Words, Masterpiece, Tangram and Newton Games
  • Works with latest iPads: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air
  • All four games can be downloaded for free from the iTune App store, only Word and Tangram require physical pieces
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Osmo has gotten rave reviews from USA Today, Yahoo! Tech, The Wall Street Journal, and more! Time Magazine named Osmo one of the top inventions of 2014.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Osmo’s mission?

    It has become a common sight to see so many kids with faces glued to screens disconnected from the world around. Interaction of tablets inspired us to invent Osmo which opens up iPad to the endless possibilities of physical play. Our mission is pretty simple - design holistic play experiences that are loved by children, parents and teachers alike.

  • How does Osmo work?

    Osmo consists of a base and a red reflector. The reflector enables the iPad to read the environment in front of it, on the table. Powered by Osmo's revolutionary Reflective AI technology, the reflector brings real-life actions and movements into the digital world on your iPad.

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