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The BD-SP808 is a high-end Blu-ray disc player from the Onkyo company.

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setup is pretty simple, works as you'd expect

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DVD upconversion is very good, creates a sharp near-HD image

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generally easy to work with, not much of a learning curve

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comes with plenty of web applications, lots of content available

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good support for legacy equipment

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connections all feel solid and high quality

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takes a long time to load up when you first turn it on

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The BD-SP808 is a high-end Blu-ray disc player from the Onkyo company. Featuring a sleek brushed aluminum aesthetic with striking blue power light, this model offers 1080p HD content playback and a variety of additional features for optimal performance within modern home theater configurations. 7.1 multi-channel audio outputting is available for synchronization with surround sound speaker sets, with THX certification for guaranteed satisfaction. The on-board Marvell Qdeo video chip is capable of up-converting standard and lower-resolution HD content to 1080p for high-quality viewing on larger displays, while ethernet connectivity makes digital media server streaming a possibility. The BD-SP808 also features full Video on Demand support, with native integration of Netflix, Blockbuster and CinemaNow services. Additional functions include Picture-in-Picture with adjustable audio and video settings, and a simplistic on-screen menu for further setup and playback configuration. 

  • Brushed Black aluminum aesthetic
  • 1080p HD playback
  • 7.1 multi-channel audio outputting 
  • Marvell Qdeo video chip with 1080p content upscaling 
  • Deep Color technology support 
  • Pure Data Bitstream compatibility 
  • Video on Demand compatibility Netflix, Blockbuster and CinemaNow
  • On-screen display (OSD)
  • Bonus View/Picture-in-Picture 
  • THX certified 
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