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The sound is characteristic of the veteran hi-fi brand, with lively dynamics, a sweet and natural mid-range.

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Onkyo's WRAT delivers 50+50 W of power, with discrete output stage circuitry and a high current, low-impedance drive to effortlessly handle the most demanding loads.The sound is characteristic of the veteran hi-fi brand, with lively dynamics, a sweet and natural mid-range, and accurate timing for all kinds of music. And just like the cool vintage receivers in its genealogy, the TX-8020 has bass, treble, and balance controls as well as speaker A/B posts for multi-room setups. Add a pair of bookshelf or floorstanding speakers of your choice, connect your media players and TV-perhaps including the DS-A5 RI dock with AirPlay-and be treated to the kind of full-scale, broad-spectrum performance a soundbar couldn't hope to match.

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  • 50 W/Ch (8 Ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.08%THD, 2 Channels Driven, FTC)
  • WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology)
  • 5 Analog Audio Inputs and 1 Output, including Phono Input for Turntable Connection
  • Massive EI Transformer
  • Compatible with the DS-A5 AirPlay RI Dock for iPod/iPhone/iPad
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • On this system there is a speaker set A and B. Can you only power one set at a time or can you have both on for a surround set-up?

    The Speaker A and B buttons on the front individually turn on or off either set of speakers. You can turn both A and B on at the same time for a setup you describe, although it won't be actual surround, as this is a stereo receiver that only supports left/right, not 5.1 or 7.1 surround.

  • How many speakers can I hook up to this receiver?

    This is a two channel receiver. Really great if you want to listen to music but it's old school stereo not surround sound. There is an A channel with two speakers and an option of a B channel with two. You can hook up a sub woofer as well.

  • How do i setup wi-fi with the tx-8020?

    The receiver is not a network receiver it is a plain stereo receiver, albeit a good one. If you wanted to receive streamed radio you would have to buy an external wi-fi device with a line level output that would feed into one of the unused line inputs on the tx-8020 i.e. TV, DVD, Tape.

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