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The CS-210 by Onkyo is an introductory shelf-system with little capabilities outside of CD playback.

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Metal casing/components is indicative of high-quality construction - unit is very durable and is sure to last a long time based on build quality

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Compatible with Mp3 players via phono/auxiliary input - major selling point for users with iPods and other portable media devices

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Functions fairly well as an entry-level unit - build quality, connectivity options and sound capabilities are well-suited to the ~$200 price range

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Preamp output enables external speaker support - excellent feature for users hoping to supplement low-frequency response with a powered subwoofer

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CD player component is fairly noisy - disc rotation sounds are clearly audible over lower-level music and are especially noticeable during spoken-word dialogue

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Lacks dedicated EQ controls - severely limits playback quality options common to similarly-priced units from Sony and Polk Audio

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Overall sound quality is fairly disappointing - audio lacks "punchiness" amongst middle and low frequencies, with harsh treble overtones

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The CS-210 by Onkyo is an introductory shelf-system with little capabilities outside of CD playback. Although this is a basic player, CD audio quality is produced by Onkyo’s own Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) found on even the manufacturer’s best shelf systems. MP3 music files will not be read on the CS-210, however, it does have CD-RW playback capability. The speakers are 2-way, bass reflex with 4 13/16” OMF cone woofer and a max power of 70 watts. Additionally, this unit may be linked with other compatible sources and controlled through the RI- Remote Control.     

  • Single Disc CD player
  • WRAT supported audio
  • CR-RW playback
  • Optical Digital Output
  • RI remote
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