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The HT-S780 is a mid-range 7.1-channel home theater speaker package from the Onkyo company.

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Excellent multi-channel surround sound support - 5.1 to 7.1 conversion works very well amongst movies and video games

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Excellent overall sound quality at the price point - sufficient balance of low, middle and high frequencies with minimal distortion or coloration

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Initial setup is very easy - wiring scheme is straightforward and user data input/unit tests ensure optimal performance

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Low-end outputting is stifled amongst bass-heavy genres - fans of electro and hip hop will likely require a more powerful subwoofer

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Lacks DVI/HDMI connectivity of similarly-priced competitors - requires component video configuration for HD content support

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Included speaker cables are very short - not compatible with wall or ceiling-mounted speaker setups

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Instruction manual is poorly written - helpful content is sparse and certain to confuse inexperienced users

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The HT-S780 is a mid-range 7.1-channel home theater speaker package from the Onkyo company. Featuring seven 110-watt channels, this model is capable of providing Dolby Digital Pro Logic IIx surround sound for high-quality home theater entertainment systems. A 32-bit DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology chip is included that works in conjunction with the unit's High Current power supply, providing content that is consistently optimal. Wire Range Amplifier technology provides powerful noise-free sound by broadening the frequency spectrum, spreading and minimizing unwanted noises for ideal DVD and Blu-Ray disc playback. Onkyo's own Cinema Filter technology helps to normalize film and television soundtracks by tuning output to a smaller room size, while 192KHz/24-bit digital-to-analog conversion provides standardized playback of all incoming media types. Black and Silver color schemes are available, with a headphone jack and sleep timer function available for increased functionality. 

  • 7.1-channel audio connectivity 
  • 110 watts per channel
  • Dolby Digtal Pro Logic IIx surround sound 
  • Wide Range Amplifier technology
  • Cinema Filter technology  
  • High Current Power Supply (H.C.P.S.)
  • Integrated sleep timer 
  • 32-bit DSP audio processing
  • 192KHz/24-bit digital-to-analog conversion 
  • Includes remote control 
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