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The HT-S5400 is a 7.1-channel home theater system from Onkyo that offers a step-up from the company's HT-S3400 model.

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Decent price point for the features and overall quality.

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Audyssey 2EQ makes setup/speaker placement an easy process.

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Minimal distortion even at higher volumes.

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Variety of sound modes allow for optimal sound for each situation.

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Plenty of inputs and outputs--can handle a wide array of components easily.

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Excellent sound quality--well-balanced with strong bass response.

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I had BOSS and paid $2500 four years ago.i moved out and got myself this one and all I can I say is it's super high quality. I'm surprised I only paid $650 for this. It should be more

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Subwoofer outputs a consistent, audible humming/buzzing sound.

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the only con I have is that almost all movies are 5.1 still but no big deal

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Included speaker wire is a bit thin.

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The HT-S5400 is a 7.1-channel home theater system from Onkyo that offers a step-up from the company's HT-S3400 model. Utilizing a sleek brushed aluminum finish, this model features a total power handling of 680 watts split across seven channels and a single 10-inch powered subwoofer.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz surround sound processing technology is included for optimal audio playback, building on the Pro Logic IIx technology to include channel delays and full user customization. Audyssey 2EQ equalization provides users with a wide variety of preset configurations for various content applications, aiming to provide an optimal listening experience through noise reduction, output continuity and spectral balance. External connectivity options include front-panel A/V inputting for gaming consoles and videocameras, with four additional HDMI inputs available for handling 1080p and 3D high-definition content. Incoming audio is processed through either the Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio codecs, applying high-quality DSP for consistent, reliable playback. Furthermore, the inclusion of a front-mounted USB port enables direct integration of compatible media players and hard drives, with a separate "Universal Dock" included that can be used to store, access and charge Apple iDevices. 

  • Black brushed aluminum aesthetic
  • 7.1-channel audio outputting 
  • 680-watt power handling (80 watts per channel)
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIz technology
  • 3D video content playback
  • Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio high-definition audio processing
  • Audyssey 2EQ equalization technology
  • Four HDMI inputs 
  • Front-panel analog A/V inputs 
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