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It features dual autoreverse so you can copy both sides of a tape with the press of a single button.

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Excellent for basic tape playback needs - users can quickly "audition" content from different cassettes on the two decks, great for checking through collections quickly

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Overall transfer quality is excellent - cassette content is converted to mp3 with minimal buzzing/tape hum for high quality playback

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Ideal for users who own Onkyo receiver units - can be used to apply Dolby noise reduction for optimal sound transferring

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Cassette-to-cassette recording is a major selling point - provides full control of A and B sides without having to flip the tape or manually adjust cue points

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Users facing malfunction issues may have a very difficult time getting their unit repaired - long communication delays and expensive shipping rates have been reported

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Many users report deck failure within first year of use, especially within "Deck A" - those wishing to do large amounts of conversion may wish to seek out other models

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Tape drive mechanism is very noisy - users conducting long transfer sessions are sure to become frustrated if the unit is placed in their office or entertainment area

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The Onkyo TA-RW255 is a dual cassette player from Onkyo tht captures the detail and clarity of all your tape recordings without a hint of tape hiss.  It features dual autoreverse so you can copy both sides of a tape with the press of a single button, or replay both sides of a tape without interuption. Dolby B and C noise reduction eliminates tape hiss and recording level control and 8-segment peak level meters ensure you are recording with optimal levels. Other notable features include auto-spacing to insert blank spaces between songs, high-speed dubbing, an auto tape-bias selector, CD synch recording and a 4-digit electronic tape counter.

  • Number of Motors: 1 + 1 
  • Number of Tape Heads: 1 + 2 
  • Double Cassette Deck     
  • High-Speed Dubbing     
  • Double Auto Reverse     
  • Continuous Play     
  • Rec Level Controls     
  • CD Synchro Recording     
  • Repeat Play     
  • Dolby(r) B and C Noise Reduction     
  • Electronic Counter     
  • Fluorescent Display     
  • RI Remote System     
  • Wow and Flutter (WRMS): 0.08 % 
  • Frequency Response, Metal: 20 Hz-17 kHz 
  • Frequency Response, High: 20 Hz-16 kHz 
  • Frequency Response, Normal: 20 Hz-15 kHz 
  • S/N Ratio (METAL, Dolby(r) NR off):  58 dB 
  • Heads, Rec & Pb.: Special hard permalloy x 2 
  • Heads, Erase: Ferrite x 1 
  • Motors: DC servo motor x 2 
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 17 1/8" x 4 3/4" x 12" 
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs./5.1 kg 
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