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The Onkyo T-4555 is a multi-platform tuner that brings the radio revolution to your home entertainment system.

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programming stations into memory is very quick and easy

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reception is good, can get clear signals from distant stations

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controls are simple, general operation is very easy

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automatically switches to HD if available, don't have to manually select it

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little to no hiss when in HD mode

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when HD signal isn't very good, it switches between standard and HD back and forth

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manual seems to be written for a slightly different version

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The Onkyo T-4555 is a multi-platform tuner that brings the radio revolution to your home entertainment system. This tuner can provide the stunning quality of HD radio, or the eclectic programming of XM Satellite or SIRIUS Satellite radio with antenna and subscription, as well as standard AM/FM radio. In order to protec the radio signals from unwanted noise, the T-4555 is housed in a robustly built chassis (with brushed aluminum finish) and is graced with gold-plated audio outputs. It also uses a high-quility transformer to promote signal purity.  For easy integration into the very best home entertainment system, it features 12V triggers, a RS232 port and IR inputs/outputs. The Onkyo T-4555 is available in a black or silver finish and comes with a remote control.

  • Card-based architecture- single slot for optional     
  • Hi-rigidity, anti-resonant chassis     
  • Aluminum front panel     
  • IR input/output     
  • 3 Unique IR code sets for multiple tuner installations     
  • Bi-directional RS-232 port     
  • 12V Trigger input/output     
  • Automatic AM/FM Tuning     
  • 40 AM/FM Presets     
  • Preset auto scan     
  • HD Radio tuning capable     
  • XM Satellite Radio tuning capable (Required XM antenna & XM subscription sold separately.)     
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuning capable (Required SIRIUSConnect Home Tuner, antenna and subscription sold separately.)     
  • RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) ready     
  • Ground isolation circuit for digital audio     
  • Direct access tuning (via IR/RS-232)   
Specifications (General)
  • Power supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz 
  • Power consumption: 27 W (when C-HDXM module is used) 
  • Stand-by power consumption: 0.2 W 
  • Dimensions (W × H × D) (not including module): 17-1/8" × 3-3/16" × 12-1/16" 
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs. (4.5 kg) 
Specifications (FM)
  • Tuning range:  87.5–107.9 MHz (100-kHz steps) 
  • Usable sensitivity, stereo: 22.2 dBf (IHF) 
  • Usable sensitivity, mono: 15.2 dBf (IHF) 
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, stereo: 67 dB (IHF-A) 
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, mono: 73 dB (IHF-A) 
  • THD (total harmonic distortion), stereo: 0.5% (1 kHz) 
  • THD (total harmonic distortion), mono: 0.3% (1 kHz) 
Specifications (AM)
  • Tuning range: 530–1,700 kHz (10-kHz steps) 
  • Usable sensitivity: 300 µV/m 
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 40 dB 
  • THD (total harmonic distortion): 0.7% 
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