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The Onkyo TX-SR707 is an entry-level, 7.2-channel THX Ultra2 Plus certified A/V receivers released in August 2009.

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enough power output for larger rooms

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headphone output allows for "pure audio" unprocessed sound

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good support for modern audio standards, good THX and Dolby support

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good series of sound output options for movies, can make speech very clear at lower volumes

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bass output stays clean even at louder volumes

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music comes through clean and detailed, audiophile-quality clarity

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Audyssey speaker balancing works perfectly, will satisfy audiophiles in creating a good soundstage

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generates a lot of heat while in operation

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video processing is good, but videophiles may prefer the extreme sharpness produced by higher-end systems

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The Onkyo TX-SR707 is an entry-level, 7.2-channel THX Ultra2 Plus certified A/V receivers released in August 2009. It is the weakest in the Onkyo TX series; but still hosts a plethora of HDMI 1.3a inputs, as well as 1080p video upscaling via an integrated Faroudja DCDi Cinema processor. Like its peers, the device utilizes Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Audyssey DSX, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz to offer advanced audio configurations AND quality to ensure users achieve the desired level of audio wanted. It is lacking network- and internet-streaming, but is readily available to handle — adapters required — either an iPod or HD radio. Included is a Universal port for attaching peripheral devices, as well as a customizable remote with pre-built integration options.

  • 7.2-Channel A/V Receiver
  • HDMI 1.3a + 1080p Upscaling
  • Audysey DSX
  • Dolby ProLogic Iiz
  • iPod/HD Radio Ready 
  • Power: 100W x 7
  • Frequency: 5Hz-100kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 106dB
  • HDMI Version: V1.3a Repeater
  • Component Video Upconversion: 1080p
  • Audio I/O: 8/2
  • Digital Audio In (OPT/COAX): 3/3
  • Composite I/O: 5/1
  • S-Video I/O: 5/1
  • Component Video I/O: 2/1
  • Front-Panel Optical: 1
  • HDMI I/O: 6/1
  • Analog Pre-Out: 7.2
  • IPod Ready (DS-A3 Required)
  • HD Radio Ready (UP-HT1 Required) 
  • RS-232
  • IR Input
  • Ethernet
  • ONKYO-RI System
  • 12V Trigger
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09/15/2012 09:45

These units are notorious for a defective HDMI board (do a google search for "onkyo txsr707 no sound." After about 12-16 months of average use, the unit will no longer recognize speakers and there will be no sound. Onkyo recognizes this as a problem but never did a recall on these units. This is a serious design flaw and I would be hesitant to buy one used that has not had this issue addressed.

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