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The Onkyo TX-SR307 is a 5.1-channel AV released in April of 2009.

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Audyssey Dynamic Volume and EQ

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Audio processing over HDMI

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3 HDMI inputs

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Lowest price point Onkyo receiver since the stereo TX-SR304 from a few years ago

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No high-definition audio decoding

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No video upscaling or transcoding to component or HDMI

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No S-Video

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Only two component video inputs

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The Onkyo TX-SR307 is a 5.1-channel AV released in April of 2009. It accepts up to three 1080p-resolution video sources via HDMI (Blu-ray, Playstation, HD, etc) and then deliver it to a compatible high-definition display. In addition, the TX-SR307 AV receiver comes equipped with Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Audyssey 2EQ, & Music Optimizer technologies that work to maintain an optical listening level, while also offering automatic audio calibration. The Onkyo TX-SR307 receiver also boasts a front-panel minijack input for connecting to an MP3 player, two component video inputs, four composite video inputs (no S-Video), and three digital audio inputs (two optical, one coaxial). The Onkyo TX-SR307 retails for $300.00 and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

  • 5.1 AV Receiver w/65-watts per Channel
  • Dolby Digital, PLIIx
  • Dolby DTS, NEO6
  • Three HDMI Inputs
  • Two Component Video Inputs
  • Four Composite Video Inputs
  • Three Digital Audio Inputs
  • Minijack Input
  • AM/FM Radio
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
Post Review
01/17/2011 12:14

I have 5 85W 4Ohm Philips speakers (1 central, 2 front and 2 back and sub) from my old system. Is anyone aware if I can use them with SR307

03/20/2009 03:34

Not to toot my own horn, but I called it:

Look to the part about the TX-SR306.

I'm kind of annoyed by the pricing of this receiver, but you'll probably see it sell for much lower than the $300 MSRP after a few months.

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