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The Onkyo TX-SR304 is the entry model of Onkyo's lineup of A/V receivers.

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HD-compatible component video switching for use with HDTV's

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Built-in Test Tone Generator makes setting speaker levels easier

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No Front Panel AV Inputs

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No S-video Inputs or Outputs

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The Onkyo TX-SR304 is the entry model of Onkyo's lineup of A/V receivers. It is a value-priced receiver supporting 5.1 surround sound with 65 Watts / channel. It can do component video switching with its, 3 component video inputs. However, it lacks and HDMI connectivity as found in the other models in the lineup. The TX-SR304 is a legacy receiver, with the model numbering now changing from TX-SRx04 to TX-x05. It is the only model without HDMI, and is a reasonable choice if you don't need that connectivity.

  • 5.1 surround sound receiver
  • 65 Watts / channel
  • DTS Neo:6, Dolby Digital decoding
  • 3 x component video inputs
  • 1 x digital coaxial audio, 2 x S/PDIF audio
  • finish: black or silver
  • price: $200
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01/07/2012 03:08

Just buy a cheap hdmi dvd player W/hdmi out connect hdmi to monitor and analog rca's from dvd to onkyo unit... wa la... dvd will use it's chip for you.... 32 bit chip for digital to analog. Or use composite 3 wire rca's. Cake! Looks great on my cheap viso......if ya use powered sub then LFE is 1 cable make sure speakers are set to small so they don't have to work at the low bass freq's set sub on. set to 120-150 or lower. tone for setting speaker volumes is great! home free......remember dolby came out in the 70's. The chip still decodes all of it....they don't tell ya that at the stores.....I then run the sound out from the viso to my sansui 5000x aux in and drive another 4 speakers total 11! thats 5 on the onkyo + 1 sub + 1set of fronts...and 4 on the sansui (which allows you to connect three sets so you can screw around and have more bass and fun .....kick ass fun bro.....I spend the rest of my money on momma going out to eat....real easy............yea baby



01/07/2012 03:18

oops thats 12 speaks.........if ya wanna spend more and have a real treat and think the rain is on your roof and choppers flying over sounding great go with the X matrix add another 2 speakers in the front up high.............

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