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The Onkyo TX-NR708 is a lower-end A/V receiver comparable to the Onkyo TX-NR808.

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7 HDMI inputs

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1080p analog upscaling (DCDi Cinema)

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Internet radio and PC audio streaming

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7.2 analog pre-outs

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DLNA compliant

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7.2 powered outputs @ 110w

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powered second zone (audio only)

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dedicated selector button for each input

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FLAC support

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only costs slightly more than the 608

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beautiful aesthetic

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PC input handles a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 @ 60hz

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No support for S-video

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No multichannel anaog inputs

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No 120v port for powered subwoofers

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RIHD is flaky

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The Onkyo TX-NR708 is a lower-end A/V receiver comparable to the Onkyo TX-NR808. While both units support 7.2 channel audio, the 708 only allows for a powered Zone 2 or a Zone 2 line out while the 808 allows for a powered Zone 2, along with pre-outs for Zones 2 and 3. Otherwise, the TX-NR708 and 808 support the same broad variety of devices and formats, including: 7 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs (V1.4a repeater), THX Select2 Plus Certification, USB inputs, iPod/iPhone compatibility, TrueHD/DTS-HD decoding and a PC input as well as HD, XM, SIRIUS and Internet radio, DLNA streaming and WiFi/Ethernet connectivity.

The TX-NR708's 7.2 channel audio is supported by Audyssey equalization and Audyssey MultEQ room-correction for top-quality audio reproduction when paired with a high-end sound system. When paired with its extensive audio device compatibility (CD, iPod/iPhone, DLNA streaming, satellite radio) and audio format compatibility (MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and LPCM), the TX-NR708's audio quality proves particularly useful. Of course, the TX-NR708's variety of HDMI 1.4 inputs allow for interfacing with any HD device, such as a Blu-Ray player, as well as 1080p video upconversion from nearly any source by Faroudja DCDi cinema.


  • 7.2 channel compatibility
  • 7 HDMI inputs, 2 outputs (V1.4a repeater) - supports 3D video playback and Audio Return Channel
  • THX Select2 Plus Certification
  • USB inputs for media storage devices as well as iPod/iPhone
  • TrueHD/DTS-HD decoding
  • HDMI 1080p video upconversion by Faroudja DCDi cinema
  • PC input
  • HD, XM, SIRIUS and Internet radio ready
  • WiFi/Ethernet connectivity - DLNA streaming
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